Our Company

Nathalin Shipping Pte. Ltd.; Singapore (Formerly Known As – Nathalin Offshore Pte. Ltd.), was established on 16 September 2011 as the first overseas expansion of the Nathalin Group, Thailand. Since its inception as Commercial Operator of Storage Tankers, Nathalin Shipping Pte. Ltd. (NSPL) is a well-known Operator amongst the Oil-Storage and Oil-Transportation sectors in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific Region.

In 2012, NSPL obtained DOC (Document of Compliance) from LR (Lloyd’s Register) for Operation and Management of Tankers. The Company started Management and Chartering-out of Storage Tankers. Through Quality-Leadership and Professional-Efficiency in following years, the company has earned the capability to own more ships, achieved ISO-9001:2015, ISO-14001:2015 and OHSAS-18001:2007 accreditations and efficient resources required for effective management of Tankers, both for Storage and for worldwide Trading.

The Company’s goal is to be Owners of tankers and become one of the best global Ship-Managers based in Singapore. To do so, the company recognizes that it must keep its managed fleet on-hire, operates cost effectively and in optimal status in line with the requirements of the customers whilst maintaining a total commitment to the safety of life, to the protection of our environment and property; and to the quality by operational excellence.

Nathalin Shipping values feedback from all the stakeholders to embark upon continual improvement towards set objectives with a Risk-based Thinking for planning of Procedures and Implementation.


To provide quality professional services in operation and management of the tanker vessels, matching the standards of international maritime industry in accordance with the analysis of risk-perception and mitigation through implementation of processes that are documented in Quality Management System of the Nathalin Shipping Pte. Ltd.


Leading the Ship-Management industry by means of providing Reliable, Cost-effective and Consistent Quality Services on time to our customers so as to achieve and uphold their satisfaction. Nathalin Management System encompasses the procedures to prevent human injury or loss of life, to avoid damage to the environment and set objectives to achieve zero accidents and zero pollutions.

Our Principles

  • Continuously define, monitor, improve performance and systematic management of risks
  • Reward results and retribution of violations
  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Honor our commitments
  • Encourage initiatives and innovations
  • Promote team work & streamline business processes in the light of risk based approach
  • Provide a modern stable work-environment, so employees can contribute to the best of their abilities
  • Take pride in socio-cultural diversity and benefit from our global organization-structure
  • Remain socially and environmentally responsible

Our Values

Our people

by respecting the individual, treating them fairly and providing opportunities for continuous learning, development and for building competence

Our business partners

by adherence to the highest ethical standards and keep their exposure to risks to the minimum possible levels and avail opportunities in light of risk based analysis of actions

The good reputation

by adopting rigorous risk based management for all actions

An entrepreneurial approach

coupled with innovative business management

Service orientation & reliability

through focusing on excellent service to the customers

Message From Our Group CEO

More than 30 years, Prima Marine Group has continuously expanded into several businesses in relation to Marine Petroleum Transportation Service. We have a clear vision that we will be a leading organization in Asia Pacific Region who offer integrated petroleum tanker services covering from upstream to downstream in order to fulfill our clients’ need and provide our stakeholders with sustainable return. Nathalin Shipping Pte. Ltd. is one of our core entities whose outstanding performance in Floating Storage Unit (FSU) and trading vessel remarkably complement our Group’s businesses. With 10 dedicated years in FSU business, we have various successful growth while we are still committed in delivering world-class safety and reliable operations to our charterers and always creating sustainable value for all stakeholders. By having highly effective management and teams, we are confident that Nathalin Shipping will play an important role in driving the success of Prima Marine Group to next step in APAC region.

For details on our parent company, please visit www.primamarine.co.th

Group CEO
Prima Marine Public Company Limited