Eager to optimize your professional skills and experience to build your long-term career in ship management? Keen to have an insight of ship management business, contribute and learn to enrich your career in maritime industry? At Nathalin Shipping Pte. Ltd. (NSPL), you can look forward to achieve your career goals.

NSPL strives to nurture positive workplace for every employee. We believe that our employees are our greatest asset and it is important to cultivate strong sense of camaraderie among the employees to establish a cohesive team, and boost one’s need for belonging in the workplace.

Our strategy is to use team-bonding activities, bringing everyone together to open up and have fun. The fun-filled activities are a proven tool we use to bond all levels of employees in the workplace, to create an inclusive culture. Everyone involved will be energized, and be able to apply the insights to improve our work productivity.

Job Listing


Thank you for your interest to grow your career with Nathalin Shipping Pte. Ltd. Please send your detailed resume in .pdf or .doc, and we will contact you within 5 working days if we have jobs that match your professional interest.